Kim Dao’s Last Day in Italy

Kim Dao would be leaving Italy at 5 that night. She had plenty of time left to sightsee and go to a leisurely breakfast. Kim Dao gave us an update on her cold. She believed she had the cold in the first place because some of the places she traveled to were warm and some were cold. Before she left Italy  to travel to Denmark, Kim Dao wanted to buy some food, like cheeses, tomatoes, and meat to bring as gifts. Learn more:


For breakfast, Kim Dao had some scrambled eggs, a pie clip, some tomatoes with cheese, and a dish of yogurt. After breakfast, Kim Dao went food shopping. Learn more:


While shopping, Dao decided to also buy gifts that weren’t food. She also bought a large, beige hand bag, a pair of Prada sunglasses for herself, a large, black bag for her mother, a brown, leather wallet for father, and a nice blue with white trim shirt for Eric. Kim Dao was hoping to get a bag that was dark blue and red for herself but settled for the beige one. After giving it some thought, she believed that she made the right decision to get the beige one because she has a lot of light colored clothes she can wear it with. Dao said she would go to Korea for one week on business after she visited Denmark. Learn more:


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  1. It is inspiring to see the way that Kim Dao has been a star from being active at doing what she likes and though they gets too personal coverage. However, can help anyone see the benefits of making good record of what one would love. Being able to allow oneself to travel round the world is another thing that most people cannot deal with very well.

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