Securus Customers Comment On Superior Technology

Now, is a great time for Securus Technology customers to leave their comments about their technology and services on their website. In the beginning, Securus got their start as a inmate regulation provider; responsible for surveillance and monitoring. Their CEO, Rick Smith uses this technology as a part of their crime prevention program. However, their customers have also used their feedback forum to leave their reviews of their service. More importantly, Securus was impressed with the comments about their technology. They have said, Securus is utilizing features that really have saved them time and money.


Popular Customer Technologies


Packaging Services


Packaging services is a new feature with all the top brands delivered to an inmate. Their packaging services professionals get the right package to the correct facility. You or an inmate can order features from their website or 800 number.


Remote Visitation


Their customers are impressed with being able to visit their love ones over the internet. You pay a small fee, schedule a visit, and visit when you like. You will get complete control of your visit and conveniently visit from wherever you like.


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The Great Progress of Fagail Airport After Its Reopening

Fagail Airport is an airport that was operated and owned by Somoan Government and the Polynesian Airlines. The airport is located in Apia city. The leading airplane carrier that flies out of the Airport is the Ostfriesische. This airline usually takes more than four hundred fights out Fagail Airport every month.The airport was reopened by the Polynesian Airlines and resumed its regular services such as international flights to Pago Pago in Samoa in 2009 after it was de-commissioned in 2005. Although the reopening of the air got highly opposed because of environmental and safety issues its relaunching never stopped. Since its opening Samoa air, Tolofa Airways,Polynesian Airlines, and the Southern Pacific Island Airways have been operating from it. Currently, there are more than thirty-three hotels near Fagail Airport. Some of those hotels include the Tanoa Tusitala hotel, the Su Accommodation, Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Talofa Inn, Amanaki Hotel and many other hotels. These hotels near Fagail airport have made it easy for travelers to have an easy time in Fagaili’I as they wait for their flight. Some of the advantages of these Fagail airport hotels are; you will not pay any taxi to take you preferred destination unlike in the other airports. In these inns, there are generally of low rates, with no booking fees and still no cancellation fees.

Fagail Airport also offers car hire services. The airport has more than five hundred licensed suppliers of the cars. This vast supply of the cars gives the travelers an opportunity to choose their preferred choice.

From the reviews of people, it is evident that Fagail airport is competing well and favorably with other airports. It also shows that the airport has developed exponentially. One of its clients said that the airport is very appropriate to access it from Apia. Its bathrooms are perfect and have numerous taxis that await the travelers if they do not have any ride. One of the customers recommended that apart from having big living and bedrooms the airline needs ample space and more retail shops where the tourists can buy food and other kinds of stuff. Through these reviews, the management of the airport looks at the areas to improve to offer better services.

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How to be a better entrepreneur with Josh Smith

Hailing from the western United States, Josh Smith lives in Reno, Nevada. He is a jack of all trades. Apart from being the CEO of several businesses in the technological field, Smith is the inventor of the famous modular  greenhouse. He has also worked tirelessly to give back to the society by taking his own green houses and regular garden programs to K-12 schools in Washoe County.

According to Smith, being an entrepreneur is more than just selling goods and making a profit. You must find a solution to a given problem in the market, work towards solving that problem and by so doing you will find your daily drive towards that business you run or you want to start running. Joshua Smith advises, as an entrepreneur, it is necessary to have an ongoing project in your business. This acts as daily motivation and will eventually fuel you to success.
For the young people who want to get into entrepreneurship, Joshua Smith advices them not to listen or get advice from people who have never been involved in the same field as them this is because they end up de motivating young growing business people and the art they almost brought to being dies. One of the other qualities that have made Joshua Smith among the most successful people is his willingness to adapt. This has enabled him to work in different places with different people and that has not affected his outcome at any time.
Smith advises the young aspiring business people to be careful with those who they choose to start their business venture with. This, as he says was one of the biggest mistake he has ever made as a young person. For you to be a successful entrepreneur, it is very important to have the right pool of people who you share with the same business ideas to avoid future problems.

Well, there you have it. The best advice you can get from a man who has experienced it all. Follow his ideas and become the best entrepreneur.

Academy of Art University and Balanced Educations

New York Fashion Week is a big deal each year. It’s an event that highlights all of the latest names that are making massive waves within the fashion universe. Finding an innovative and skilled brand can be a true joy. The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion organized a runway showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square on September 9th, 2017. People who attended the school wowed the public with plentiful menswear and womenswear offerings. They even had a couple collaborations. The designers who took part in this event came from all different parts of the globe. Some examples of these locations are Maine in the United States and China.

The Academy of Art University is a private art school that’s in bustling San Francisco, California. It was founded back in 1929. Elisa Stephens serves as the President of the school. Its student body consists of well over 12,000 individuals in total. It has a combination of undergraduate and graduate students. There are more undergraduate students than graduate students attending the Academy of Art University. The Academy of Art University has rather humble origins. It functioned as an advertising art school in the beginning. It was launched by Robert S. Stephens. Stephens worked as the editor of a magazine. He worked in the painting world, too.

Many prominent public figures attended the Academy of Art University in the past. Several examples of famous people who have studied at this school are actress Lauren Conrad, music video director Chris Milk, movie director Lee Cheol-ha, actress Raven Symone and, last but not least, fashion designer Kara Laricks.

People can study all different kinds of subjects while at the Academy of Art University. It provides students with an abundance of options in in-depth degree programs. Some examples of the departments that are available at the Academy of Art University are visual effects and animation, visual development, fine art, landscape architecture and landscape design. People who attend this school can learn a lot about topics such as television, motion pictures, new media, web design, graphic design and metal arts. It’s a haven for people who appreciate game development as well.

Malcolm Casselle and the Future of Tokens

The Worldwide Asset eXchange or commonly referred to as WAX, is a platform that allows virtually anyone that participates to have the ability to create their own marketplace that tokenizes in-game assets. With the incorporation of WAX, the transaction cost is minimalized and can enable marketplaces for games that previously had no way to transfer assets or carry out exchanges. These virtual marketplaces have fully functioning capabilities with blockchain trust (continuous records linked and secured with cryptography) and transaction verification. While WAX’s tokenization will let participants have ownership of virtual assets, the future possibilities will allow users have ownership of physical ones.


The President of Worldwide Asset eXchange and New Ventures at tronc, Inc., Malcolm W. CasSelle has a rich history relating to the digital world. Prior to his current roles, Malcolm used to be the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at SeaChange International, a telecommunication service that provides cloud-based solutions to cable providers. He also led a few startups in the tech industry, Xfire, MediaPass and Groupon’s partnership with Tencent, a Chinese instant messaging and gaming powerhouse. For a time, Malcolm CasSelle was the CEO of Xfire, a worldwide social network with over 22 million users that cater to passionate video gamers.


Malcolm CasSelle has received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his M.S. degree in Computer Science at Stanford University. He is very polylingual and can speak Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Malcolm worked at Bell Laboratories during his summers while enrolled at MIT. He would research semiconductor manufacturing techniques, mainly to find a way to reduce the failure rates and maximize the quality. He was awarded a grant from Apple Computers to help pay for his graduate education at Standford, he would also work at Apple during that time.