Securus Customers Comment On Superior Technology

Now, is a great time for Securus Technology customers to leave their comments about their technology and services on their website. In the beginning, Securus got their start as a inmate regulation provider; responsible for surveillance and monitoring. Their CEO, Rick Smith uses this technology as a part of their crime prevention program. However, their customers have also used their feedback forum to leave their reviews of their service. More importantly, Securus was impressed with the comments about their technology. They have said, Securus is utilizing features that really have saved them time and money.


Popular Customer Technologies


Packaging Services


Packaging services is a new feature with all the top brands delivered to an inmate. Their packaging services professionals get the right package to the correct facility. You or an inmate can order features from their website or 800 number.


Remote Visitation


Their customers are impressed with being able to visit their love ones over the internet. You pay a small fee, schedule a visit, and visit when you like. You will get complete control of your visit and conveniently visit from wherever you like.


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