Why the Waiakea Water Brand is Unique

A few years ago selling water would sound irrational and an invalid investment. However, with time the industry has significantly grown due to the high demand for bottled water. In the grocery, you will find multiple water brands and even have a hard time choosing what you’ll take. For the consumers, this is an advantage because the competition allows for fair prices and quality products due to the presence of the substitutes in the market.

For the manufacturers, they have to go above and beyond to convince the consumers of why their brand is the best. The market value of bottled water globally is estimated to be $100 billion. There are many things that the producers will say in an attempt to promote their brand. Some will make the fanciest water bottles, others will insist that you can’t live without consuming their water brand, and most will say that their water has special minerals and their filtration process is flawless.

Waiakea water is one of the bottled brands in the market. The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Ryan Emmons has decided to take a different turn that has challenged other manufacturers. To begin with; the Waiakea brand is based in Hawaii. This alone markets it because for some reasons, many consumers associate Hawaii products with natural products.

The other factor that promotes the Waiakea water is the fact that it is pure volcanic water. For filtration, the Waiakea water is run through 14000 feet in the Mauna Loa Volcano. This has given the brand a perfect electrolyte and pH balance. It also has an excellent mineral balance.

However, the late developments of the Waiakea water are what has contributed to its leading in the bottled water industry.

We understand that the introduction of bottled water has immensely affected the environment. There are bottles everywhere because most individuals are not disciplined enough to dispose of their water bottles in the right places.

To protect the environment; the Waiakea water brand is introducing decaying bottles. The plastic bottles are set to decompose in 15 years. This project will ensure that the environment is clean in the long last.

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