Creating Financial Success from Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is a proven way to generate additional income. With the strong housing market, numerous people are considering investing in real estate. It can be hard to find properties to purchase. In Baltimore, homes are selling within a few days of listing.

Todd Lubar is a prominent real estate investor. Although he owns real estate across the country, he focuses on the Baltimore area. He firmly believes that Baltimore will expand in the coming years.

Rental Homes

One of the best strategies for real estate investors is to own rental homes. Buying a rental property is a proven way to generate additional income. Todd recommends that real estate investors find a property in need of various repairs. Homes that need maintenance sell for much less than homes in perfect condition.

Once the home improvements are finished, real estate investors can rent the property to tenants. Todd Lubar strongly recommends working with a property management firm. A property management firm will help find tenants who meet a certain income threshold. The property management company will also deal with any maintenance expenses in the home.

Todd Lubar owns dozens of rental properties. With each property generating income each month, he is in a strong financial position. You can visit for more.

Flipping Homes

Another real estate investing strategy is flipping homes for a profit. Buying and selling a home within a few months works in a hot real estate market. Investors must be careful to avoid significant financial risks. Some people get greedy with house flipping and end up losing a ton of money. Check out Inspirery to see more.

Although Todd Lubar has utilized this strategy during his career, he prefers to concentrate on rental properties. Not only are rental properties easier to manage, but they also generate income each month. Todd Lubar has done an excellent job with real estate investing during his career. He enjoys teaching others about the basics of real estate.

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