Dr. Saad Saad Grants Interview and Talks About Using Education to Move Forward

There are only a few pediatric surgeons as accomplished as Dr. SaadSaad, and he just granted an interview where he spoke about his 47 year career within the medical field. One thing he wanted people to know was that he was able to accomplish the things he did in his career by relying on the power of his dreams.


He shared the story of how he decided to become a surgeon. His brothers were accomplished engineers, and he took a trip with one of them to see them work. It was a hot summer day, and he suffered a major heatstroke that would forever scar him. It was at the moment he understood that he was quite sensitive to heat and needed the kind of job that would give him an opportunity to work indoors where there would be air conditioning.


It was around this time he figured out that he wanted to pursue a career in surgery, specifically the kind of career that would benefit children.


Retiring from his lustrous career stirred up many emotions, including how proud he is of his own children. Two of his kids are now surgeons while another is a nurse. A fourth child became a lawyer to mix things up a bit. He knows that his children attempted to reach high in life partly because he was able to teach them the value of education.


Dr. Saad talked about the number of complicated surgeries that he was able to complete successfully. It gave him the opportunity to introduce innovations in the industry to make surgeries more precise and increase their success rates. There are countless children who can now thank their lucky stars because Dr. Saad made things better for them. One thing he is proud of are the countless Medical Missions to Jerusalem that he volunteered for.


Saad recounted some of the children he was able to help. He knows that these children need hope and health in order to reach their goals. It was hard for him not to see himself in the children that he was able to help. Dr. Saad wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for his parents believing in him. He also appreciates the help of all those professors in schools like Cairo University, which is just one of many schools he attended and graduated with high honors.


Young Saad experienced a lot during his childhood like many of the children in Jerusalem. For one, his family survived the turmoil that occurred after Palestine split and his family was forced to the West Bank. The moment came out of nowhere, but his family had to fight through and stay together. His father told Dr. Saad and his other children that education always provides respite, no matter the situation. His father, even though their livelihood was stripped away, was able to get a job rather quickly since he was a very skilled petroleum mechanic. These are some of the lessons Saad wants others to read about and to learn from. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

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