NGP VAN Efforts To Supply New Technology To Democratic Campaigns

Technology has revolutionized the entire process of modern day political campaigns. Big data and web analytics have become the critical elements for every campaign to connect with its likely voters. NGP VAN is a software company based in Washington, DC that supplies technology to labor unions and political campaigns for the Democratic party. It offers an integrated package for campaigning and organizing tools. The significance of technology, social media networking tools and big data played out in the 2008 Obama election and his re-election in 2012.

Technology keeps evolving and political campaigns are required to keep up with the changes and use the latest technology to acquire an advantage over their competitors. This is one of the main reasons that the Democratic party has contracted the services of NGP VAN to carry out data-driven campaigns and employ campaigning tactics that are technologically oriented. The 2012 Obama re-election campaign used a mobile application called Pollwatcher that was supported by the D.C software provider. In this age, almost everyone owns a smartphone and mobile apps are the latest tool for connecting voters to a campaign. This gave the Obama campaign victory over their opponents.

NGP VAN is helping Democratic campaigns by providing grassroots organizing tools for mobilizing voters and soliciting votes. The software provider has collaborated with web startups to ensure massive grassroots advocacy. Democratic campaigns can send their names to such websites like Hustle that has an exclusive peer-peer messaging tool used for composing customized texts to every person in the database. Fundraising tools that it provides to the Democratic party help Democrats to raise funds on the internet, keep track of the donations and file donations easily.


Vote soliciting is less complicated and involves reduced paperwork with the use canvassing tools dispensed by NGP VAN which Democratic campaigners and volunteers use to save time and simplify door to door campaigns. NGP VAN’s tools can analyze assembled campaign data and this assists Democratic campaigns to monitor the progress rate of campaigns. As the D.C software provider keeps evolving to avoid lagging behind in technology, it continues to offer powerful tools that propel democratic campaigns.

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