Madison Street Capital partnership with Napoleon Machine

Napoleon is a company that was founded in 2010 as a certified provider of manufacturing services which includes painting, precision manufacturing, customizable metal fabricating, secondary services, and light assembly. Since Napoleon was acquiring a credit facility, it appointed Madison Street Capital as its exclusive financial partner.


The company plans to utilize the credit facility to provide access to operating capital to enable Napolean to grow its capacity of manufacturing to meet the demands of the clients and to accelerate the growth curve of the company in the years to come.


The reason as to why Madison Street Capital team was selected as the financial advisor was because it began to listen to the story and it effectively communicated the opportunity merits to the market. When you talk to the President of Napolean Machine, Mr Kevin Febrey, you will understand how crucial this contribution was in completing the transaction.


Madison understood the nature of the industry’s need to have a high capital base to provide creative solutions to give an opportunity to the company to access four times the working capital that is required to fuel the growth. But other financial providers were not bringing this level of expertise and support to the table.


About Napoleon Machine


The company Napoleon Machine is a manufacturer of high-quality products to satisfy the specifications of the customer for parts that starts from 2,000 to 60,000 pounds. The high value-added manufacture is a provider of manufacturing services that include precision machining, light assembly, customizable metal fabricating and other services.


Napoleon Machine’s clientèle base includes customers from aerospace, automotive, construction, chemicals, agriculture, glass making, military and defense, nuclear power generation, transportation, semiconductor, robotics, maritime, and metals & mining.


Some of the products that Napoleon Machine manufactures include machine bases, gearboxes, centrifuge frames, skids, hoppers, heat exchangers, conveyors, oil pump frame, and bridges. Napoleon is also a contender in the production of advanced engineering products like missile-launching tooling.


About Madison Street Capital


The international investment firm Madison Street Capital is a driver of building businesses across the United States. Madison Street Capital is dedicated to providing its clients with exceptional services, and it also prides itself on supporting philanthropic initiatives and organizations like the United Way. The Goal of Madison is to make a difference both in local and in communities around the world.


The staff working at Madison Street Capital are well versed with knowledge and experience in the investment field, and this is what makes Madison Street Capital a global provider of investment services. You can get more details about Madison Street Capital from