Jeffrey Aronin supporting biotechnology research

Jeffrey Aronin is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is currently the CEO of Paragon Sciences, a company that offers incubation services for people who suffer from rare medical conditions which have no known therapies. Paragon Sciences also serves as an investment firm. The company is utilizing advanced research methods to come up with new therapies and medications which help addresses medical conditions which are yet to have a solution. The company is dedicated to finding new treatment methods that have not even been thought about in the modern field of medicine. What they are thinking about is bringing totally new ideas in the market. Although progress has been made in the field of biotechnology, Jeffery Aronin is thinking of doing something far much better than what we already have. He recognizes that the possibilities of this technology are many and it can only be wise if the very best are discovered.


Jeffery Aronin is natural a great thinker and someone who is able to come up with solutions that go beyond what many people can do. It is for such reasons that he is leading research work that is intended to come up with new treatments for conditions which are rare and which are normally a big problem for the medical industry.


Paragon Biosciences has connected with a network of other companies to try and come up with a new treatment. They have employed the best and passionate researchers who will do the research work and bring us to a whole different world of biotechnologies. The companies are responsible for the work that each does although they all operate under Paragon Biosciences. Each company takes up a challenge and assigns researchers who will try and create something that has never existed before.


Paragon Biosciences have already proved that they are serious about the biotechnology research through the work they have been doing so far. Already they have 14 innovative medicines which have been approved by FDA.


Jeffery Aronin is not satisfied with just getting FDA approval; he wants to go an extra mile and support researchers financially. It is hard to think that there can be research for new inventions without funds. It is for this reason why Paragon Biosciences is not only dealing with research alone but investments as well.


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