Marc Beer taking an innovated stance in the health care industry

Marc Beer is the co-founder of Renovia. April 2018, Renovia launched its first product approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The bridge between finances supports the development and testing for a few products at Renovia. Beer intends for the company to invent new products of the Leva generation. Being the co-founder and CEO, Marc plans to lead the company’s toward innovated designs and proprietary radar technology with a digital platform built for healthcare. The merging of advanced technology gives customers valuable data to produce new medical treatment options.


Marc has extensive knowledge of pelvic floor disorders which can lower long-term health care costs. Renovia is dedicated to restoring pelvic health for women through strengthening their pelvic floor muscles for proper treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Renovia has accepted the merge between the FDA cleared medical devices and patient-based app and data management technology. The goal for the company is to provide access for patients the remain in control of their disorders.


Marc Beer has set his focus on an international scale to empower suffering patients lives through innovative health care options. His leadership skills in finance and funding operations, expertise and economic stance are renowned. Marc has been linked to biotech companies, academic organizations, state biotechnology centers, and others. Renovia is not the only company that Beer has founded. His medical background allowed him to start Good Start Genetics, Inc., which is a privately- owned diagnostics company. He continues to serve as the chair over the compensation committee.


Marc is willing to take on the challenge for improving healthcare through his innovative applications for patients. In 1987, he received his bachelor’s in science business major from Miami University. Since then he has held the title of Strategic Consultant for OvaScience This company also shared their interest in proving health treatment options for those that suffered from infertility.


Marc Beer has acquired more than $32 million in funding for the Series B round medical technology company. With his role with Renovia he contributes the organization with his experience in developing and commercializing organizations that have associations with biotechnology and pharmaceutical diagnostics and applications. Learn more:

Shervin Pishevar is bullish on crypto but says ICOs are huge risk

Over the last five years, there has been a flurry of new cryptocurrencies coming on the market. Most of these new coins have been issued through the form of an ICO or initial coin offering. But there remain a number of pressing issues with the circulation of these new cryptocurrencies, their valuation and the overall legality of both owning them and participating in their issuance.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the leading figures in the world of fintech. He is the founder and CEO of Investment company, one of the most revered venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. He has also been a successful entrepreneur on his own, personally founding such companies as Virgin Hyperloop, WebOS and Social Gaming Network.

Shervin Pishevar has also been one of the loudest cheerleaders for Bitcoin while also serving as a voice of reason on the realities of initial coin offerings.

Even one egg may be too much for the basket of cryptos

The main message that Shervin Pishevar wants to get across is that ICOs and many of the new coins that they represent may be extremely risky from a variety of different perspectives. First, Shervin Pishevar says that cryptocurrencies, including tokenized assets, are very likely to ultimately be ruled to be securities. He says that the Securities and Exchange Commission is already vigorously investigating the surge of ICOs that have recently taken place. And Shervin Pishevar warns that the agency is very likely to take action against some or even all of the recent coin offerings and everyone involved in them.

He says that this could put investors at serious risk as the SEC is known for using strong measures, including the dreaded claw back, to recover funds that were lost by certain classes of investors and indemnify them. Pishevar says that these tactics are likely to be used in the case of ICOs, especially those that involved any form of outright theft or fraud. He says that people who believe that they fairly earned money in those transactions are at serious risk of having their profits confiscated and redistributed to the losers.

Betsy Devos is an Education Reformer and Philanthropist

The 11th US Education Secretary Betsy Devos has made it through some pretty high profile interviews lately. She has been able to talk through all of her points with grace and optimism, and although she has received criticism for many of her policies, she has always said the same thing. Educational choice is about putting students first.


In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” Devos talked with Lesley Stahl about the new policies and what it means for America, as well as whether she thought there had been any success since starting these policies. Devos has always been an educational activist, who has worked mostly in Michigan throughout the 1990s and 2000s to change education policies.


She believes that students deserve to choose a school where they can get an education, especially if they are in a failing zone just based on zip code. While she has advocated for school choice for many years, it has been a long road that hasn’t always turned out successful. However, in one way, she has truly been able to affect change.


Through philanthropy, Devos has been able to achieve a lot of her goals. It is through her own foundation sometimes where she has been able to donate to education and community charities that have helped students immensely. She also has some of the biggest donors with her, including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. These donors are just a part of the school choice campaign that has students and parents feeling empowered again.


In addition to school choice, there have been a number of other issues that have caused quite an issue for Devos. For one, she has been appointed to head up the school safety movement. The movement takes security of students into consideration during a particularly dangerous time in American education history. There have been multiple school shootings and daily threats continue to pour in for most public schools.


Devos has been implementing new policies over the summer before the 2018-2019 school season. She believes that guns do not have a place on school campuses and doesn’t think that the best way to help is by arming teachers either. Instead, security rules have been changed, guards have been added to some school campuses, and there have been numerous policies updating procedures for evacuation and security drills.


In the next two years, Betsy Devos will have to fight for school choice in addition to other policy changes at the state level. It will be interesting to see where she goes from here.


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ClassDojo is Helping Ad Astra to Create Challenging Questions for Students

Many people might not be aware that Space X founder Elon Musk has a secret private school – but he does. It is called Ad Astra and it is located somewhere in the Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California area. The school is very unusual since it only has less than 50 students. These students are between the ages of 7 and 14. The curriculum at Ad Astra is constantly changing and there are no grading standards. What makes this particular school unique is its approach to learning and the material being taught.

One thing that Ad Astra is trying to accomplish is to get its students to think outside the box. In other words, they do not want their students to think about normal school related material. Ad Astra pushes its student body to think in terms of complex questions which have no easy answer. The school wants its students to delve deeply into possible answers for complex questions.

ClassDojo is an educational app that is designed to help teachers, parents and students. The developers at ClassDojo has partnered with Ad Astra to present questions for students that will challenge their way of thinking. ClassDojo created multiple questions which ask students about property rights and about important matters.

The students are then required to think, pair and share. This exercise is designed to get pupils to look at the world beyond their normal reasoning. Most children elementary and middle school typically do not see things beyond their current level of understanding. Ad Astra is trying to change this perception for its pupils.

ClassDojo is doing its part to help Ad Astra to train their children in a different way. Musk’s approach to educating students is different. His work is designed to bring out the genius in gifted kids and to identify brilliant minds. Ad Astra and ClassDojo will continue their work together to ensure that students are receiving the best education possible.

The collaboration with Ad Astra is another example about how well ClassDojo is doing within the field of education. ClassDojo continues its efforts with bringing top notch instruction to students everywhere. The organization continues to excel and remains one of the best EdTech companies in the nation.

Paul Herdsman Share His Experiences


In the modern economic climate, becoming an entrepreneur is a completely valid option. Paul Herdsman discovered the importance of allocating resources through a 3rd party company early in his career. This was basis of NICE Global, his company based out of Jamaica. He works with his clients to ensure client interactions and resources are done in productive manners. In a recent article with The Bro Talk, he discusses 12 Business Tips all successful entrepreneurs should keep in mind when starting.

According to Paul Herdsman, a successful career begins with a few key foundations. The field of work should be something you are interested in. If your heart isn’t in the work, it will show in the final product. It’s equally vital to stay positive through any ordeal. It keeps your problem solving skills sharp, and more able to move past any hurdles. However, there will come a time when you have to take a risk. Businesses cannot prosper for very long without a leap of faith on your abilities and the consumers. Knowing the vision of the company will always be a guidepost to follow. Visit This Page to learn more.

The next several tips involve internal practices. Paul Herdsman clearly states there are no shortcuts to a successful business. It involves a unique mix building the right team, learning from your personal mistakes and improving from them, and knowing your target audience. A success business is one that fills a need in the market, resonating with a group of consumers. He strongly advises the business owner to remain persistent, and strive to surpass consumer expectations.

Paul Herdsman has a wealth of experience to share with readers. He leaves them with two final tips. First, find a mentor who can teach the inner-workings of the industry. Then lastly, learn how to say “no”. The company should always move forward.

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Anthony Constantinou, Renown Artificial Intelligence


Anthony Constantinou currently is a lecturer at Queen Mary University where he trains on Machine Learning and Data Mining. He also heads Bayesian Intelligence Research lab.

Mr. Constantinou has been conducting research where his interests are discovering the ability to make decisions under uncertainties. He collaborates with academic and industrial organizations from all over the world where his research findings are applied in various fields including in sports, medicine, and economics.

Anthony Constantinou’s vast experience includes:

  • From January 2017 to date Mr. Constantinou has been lecturing in Queen Mary University of London as a lecturer (Assistant Prof) in Machine Learning and Data mining. He has also been the Head of Bayesian Intelligence Research Laboratories.
  • Anthony Constantinou is also a consultant in predicting and making decisions under unknown circumstances. He has been working for international organizations such as sports betting industries giving them future outcome possibilities.
  • He worked as a post-doctoral research fellow for NIHR projects managing and assessment of risk chances at Barts forensic from September 2012-January 2017.
  • From October 2009 to May 2013 Anthony Constantinou was a teaching assistant at Queen Mary University where he taught Software Risk Assessment, Software Engineering both bachelor and masters level, and Procedural Programming as a Bachelor course only.

These are but some of Anthony Constantinou`s experience.

Education Background

Mr. Constantinou is a holder of Ph.D. in risk assessment and decision making from Queen Mary University. He also holds two Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics and another one in Computer Science as a specialization of Artificial Intelligence from Hertfordshire University. See Related Link for additional information.


Mr. Constantinou holds plenty of skills in several fields such as in;

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Risk Management
  • Pattern Recognition

Anthony Constantinou Publications

Anthony has published a total of 14 journals were many of them are educational while others are results of some of his research work. Dolores is an example of his publication which is a model that predicts football outcomes all over the world.