Anthony Constantinou, Renown Artificial Intelligence


Anthony Constantinou currently is a lecturer at Queen Mary University where he trains on Machine Learning and Data Mining. He also heads Bayesian Intelligence Research lab.

Mr. Constantinou has been conducting research where his interests are discovering the ability to make decisions under uncertainties. He collaborates with academic and industrial organizations from all over the world where his research findings are applied in various fields including in sports, medicine, and economics.

Anthony Constantinou’s vast experience includes:

  • From January 2017 to date Mr. Constantinou has been lecturing in Queen Mary University of London as a lecturer (Assistant Prof) in Machine Learning and Data mining. He has also been the Head of Bayesian Intelligence Research Laboratories.
  • Anthony Constantinou is also a consultant in predicting and making decisions under unknown circumstances. He has been working for international organizations such as sports betting industries giving them future outcome possibilities.
  • He worked as a post-doctoral research fellow for NIHR projects managing and assessment of risk chances at Barts forensic from September 2012-January 2017.
  • From October 2009 to May 2013 Anthony Constantinou was a teaching assistant at Queen Mary University where he taught Software Risk Assessment, Software Engineering both bachelor and masters level, and Procedural Programming as a Bachelor course only.

These are but some of Anthony Constantinou`s experience.

Education Background

Mr. Constantinou is a holder of Ph.D. in risk assessment and decision making from Queen Mary University. He also holds two Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics and another one in Computer Science as a specialization of Artificial Intelligence from Hertfordshire University. See Related Link for additional information.


Mr. Constantinou holds plenty of skills in several fields such as in;

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Risk Management
  • Pattern Recognition

Anthony Constantinou Publications

Anthony has published a total of 14 journals were many of them are educational while others are results of some of his research work. Dolores is an example of his publication which is a model that predicts football outcomes all over the world.