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In the modern economic climate, becoming an entrepreneur is a completely valid option. Paul Herdsman discovered the importance of allocating resources through a 3rd party company early in his career. This was basis of NICE Global, his company based out of Jamaica. He works with his clients to ensure client interactions and resources are done in productive manners. In a recent article with The Bro Talk, he discusses 12 Business Tips all successful entrepreneurs should keep in mind when starting.

According to Paul Herdsman, a successful career begins with a few key foundations. The field of work should be something you are interested in. If your heart isn’t in the work, it will show in the final product. It’s equally vital to stay positive through any ordeal. It keeps your problem solving skills sharp, and more able to move past any hurdles. However, there will come a time when you have to take a risk. Businesses cannot prosper for very long without a leap of faith on your abilities and the consumers. Knowing the vision of the company will always be a guidepost to follow. Visit This Page to learn more.

The next several tips involve internal practices. Paul Herdsman clearly states there are no shortcuts to a successful business. It involves a unique mix building the right team, learning from your personal mistakes and improving from them, and knowing your target audience. A success business is one that fills a need in the market, resonating with a group of consumers. He strongly advises the business owner to remain persistent, and strive to surpass consumer expectations.

Paul Herdsman has a wealth of experience to share with readers. He leaves them with two final tips. First, find a mentor who can teach the inner-workings of the industry. Then lastly, learn how to say “no”. The company should always move forward.

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Vinod Gupta, The Yellow Pages Guru


Vinod Gupta is a native from Rampur Manhyaran India a village that would be considered by many as third world being that it lacks running water, electricity, roads, or toilets. Gupta is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and holds a title of Agricultural Engineer and a Masters of Business administration.

Upon graduation Vinod Gupta received work at Commodore Corporation, a nationally renowned company located in Omaha Nebraska that boasts having 18 mobile home manufacturing plants throughout the United States.

During his time at Commodore and with only $100 in his pocket Gupta obtained all 4800 Yellow Pages telephone directory books from across the country in efforts to create an up-to-date list of every mobile home dealer in the United States.

Shocked by the abundance of phone books in the office Commodore management gave Gupta an ultimatum to either abolish all the Yellow Pages from the office or termination would be imposed.

When Gupta finished the list he requested a sum of $9000 from Commodore for it, or for the list to be sold independently by him to Commodore’s competitors at a selected cost per list. When faced with this decision Commodore officials chose not to exclusively purchase Gupta’s list. Read This Article to learn more.

Using his $100 Gupta marketed his list via mailers to ever mobile home manufacturing company on his list, Gupta received immediate orders for it as high as $22,000.

With his new found income Gupta founded American Business Lists, a company dedicated to acquiring information dependent on information found in Yellow Pages across the country. Soon after the acquisition of several related companies, American Business Lists became infoUSA and its focus became providing business information through its database.

Since Gupta’s initial $100 investment Gupta has raised over $3 million towards charitable business organizations in India which focus on education, Gupta values education, and attributes his success to it. He is known to advocate to promoting the value of education, especially Women’s Education.

Gupta has since received several prestigious awards and currently serves on various civic and educational boards.


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