ClassDojo is Helping Ad Astra to Create Challenging Questions for Students

Many people might not be aware that Space X founder Elon Musk has a secret private school – but he does. It is called Ad Astra and it is located somewhere in the Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California area. The school is very unusual since it only has less than 50 students. These students are between the ages of 7 and 14. The curriculum at Ad Astra is constantly changing and there are no grading standards. What makes this particular school unique is its approach to learning and the material being taught.

One thing that Ad Astra is trying to accomplish is to get its students to think outside the box. In other words, they do not want their students to think about normal school related material. Ad Astra pushes its student body to think in terms of complex questions which have no easy answer. The school wants its students to delve deeply into possible answers for complex questions.

ClassDojo is an educational app that is designed to help teachers, parents and students. The developers at ClassDojo has partnered with Ad Astra to present questions for students that will challenge their way of thinking. ClassDojo created multiple questions which ask students about property rights and about important matters.

The students are then required to think, pair and share. This exercise is designed to get pupils to look at the world beyond their normal reasoning. Most children elementary and middle school typically do not see things beyond their current level of understanding. Ad Astra is trying to change this perception for its pupils.

ClassDojo is doing its part to help Ad Astra to train their children in a different way. Musk’s approach to educating students is different. His work is designed to bring out the genius in gifted kids and to identify brilliant minds. Ad Astra and ClassDojo will continue their work together to ensure that students are receiving the best education possible.

The collaboration with Ad Astra is another example about how well ClassDojo is doing within the field of education. ClassDojo continues its efforts with bringing top notch instruction to students everywhere. The organization continues to excel and remains one of the best EdTech companies in the nation.