Marc Beer taking an innovated stance in the health care industry

Marc Beer is the co-founder of Renovia. April 2018, Renovia launched its first product approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The bridge between finances supports the development and testing for a few products at Renovia. Beer intends for the company to invent new products of the Leva generation. Being the co-founder and CEO, Marc plans to lead the company’s toward innovated designs and proprietary radar technology with a digital platform built for healthcare. The merging of advanced technology gives customers valuable data to produce new medical treatment options.


Marc has extensive knowledge of pelvic floor disorders which can lower long-term health care costs. Renovia is dedicated to restoring pelvic health for women through strengthening their pelvic floor muscles for proper treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Renovia has accepted the merge between the FDA cleared medical devices and patient-based app and data management technology. The goal for the company is to provide access for patients the remain in control of their disorders.


Marc Beer has set his focus on an international scale to empower suffering patients lives through innovative health care options. His leadership skills in finance and funding operations, expertise and economic stance are renowned. Marc has been linked to biotech companies, academic organizations, state biotechnology centers, and others. Renovia is not the only company that Beer has founded. His medical background allowed him to start Good Start Genetics, Inc., which is a privately- owned diagnostics company. He continues to serve as the chair over the compensation committee.


Marc is willing to take on the challenge for improving healthcare through his innovative applications for patients. In 1987, he received his bachelor’s in science business major from Miami University. Since then he has held the title of Strategic Consultant for OvaScience This company also shared their interest in proving health treatment options for those that suffered from infertility.


Marc Beer has acquired more than $32 million in funding for the Series B round medical technology company. With his role with Renovia he contributes the organization with his experience in developing and commercializing organizations that have associations with biotechnology and pharmaceutical diagnostics and applications. Learn more: