Sussex Healthcare – A Place Where Seniors Are Treated Like Family

When the time comes to put a loved one in a senior care home, many questions arise. Often this difficult decision is compounded by concern as to the type of care the loved will receive. Sussex Healthcare recognizes this and embraces the philosophy of creating an environment that is a home away from home.

For over 25 years Sussex Healthcare has been providing exceptional care for its residents while specializing in dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, neurological conditions, and age-related health conditions. Because of their exemplary service, Sussex Healthcare is the only independent care home in the UK that has achieved accreditation from two major organizations, one of which is the Health Quality Service.

Residents are treated like family and are provided with a variety of activities to ensure that they remain physically and mentally stimulated. Activities range from social gatherings to endless craft activities. They are provided with the option to join in light exercise, music, and other physical activities to keep sharp and fit. Art therapy is a popular option many individuals participate in.Local clubs and colleges frequently visit homes to ensure that seniors feel like they are part of the community. There’s so much to choose from that boredom is never an option. Read more at about Sussex Healthcare.

Meals are made from scratch with high-quality food that is picked fresh. Special diets are always catered to ahead of time. Our chefs recognize appearance is just as important as taste so once they are done creating a culinary masterpiece, the food is esthetically laid out on plates to stimulate the appetite and please the eyes.

With over 20 homes located throughout East Sussex and West Sussex, there are many locations to choose from. Homes are conveniently located. Feel free to contact Sussex Healthcare for more information or to schedule a tour of the facilities.

Sussex Healthcare strives to create an environment where residents are treated with dignity and respect but are also given the opportunity to live each moment to the fullest. Our mission is not just to care for seniors, but to make sure their days are filled with laughter, great memories, and a superior quality of life.

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