Meet the Man Behind Fortress Investment Group’s Success–Peter Briger

Peter Briger works as the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, where he also serves as the co-chair of the board of directors. He has been at the company’s top leadership since 2006 when he started as the board member and later went on to be the co-chairman in 2009. He is in the company’s operation, taking charge of its credit and also real estate vocations. When the institution came into existence, it started as a privately owned financial company in 1988. It is currently a trendsetter of the global investment, taking the corporate world to the next level. The company guides 1750 entrepreneurs with 43 billion dollars’ assets in the investment institution, hedge fund, and capital vehicle.

His Educational Background, Career, and Experience

Peter Briger attended the University of Princeton where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later got his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pennsylvania University School of Business. Before he joined Fortress Investment Group, Briger started his career at Goldman Sachs, where he worked for 15 years. During his tenure, he served at various positions including Executive Committee of Japan membership, Global Control, not to forget Asian Management. He was also in real estate, trading and loans, and arrear vehicles managements cumulatively.

The infinite profession and experience that he achieved from Goldman Sachs proved his qualifications to join Fortress Investment Group starting from 2002 to date, and he ranked for helping the company become one of the biggest investment corporations across the United States of America. Currently, the firm manages assets ranging from 65 billion dollars, thanks to the tireless efforts and competence of Peter Briger.

His Philanthropies and the Spirit of Giving Back

Peter Briger has always been keen on the spirit of giving back to the less fortunate, which became vital to his activities. His selfless spirit has always steered him in the donations of money towards education support and programmes. He has made most of his philanthropic contribution even without disclosure of his identity. He also started an organization at Princeton with the aim of financing fresh graduates with entrepreneurial skills who want to advance their businesses. He is one of the active members who are in the Princeton University Investment Company which supports young investors. The exemplary leader is also a member of other non-profitable programmes that give support to communities with low income around San Francisco.