Jeremy Goldstein Contribution to the Fountain House

Money can cause lots of problems within a company. Over the years institutions that are dedicated to helping companies who are having issues have made their appearance. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is one of the companies that has come about to support companies that are having issues related to money within their company. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch and Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners

The firm specializes in cases that are related to Chief Executive Officers, business compensation, and various other compensation cases that arise in a company. The founder Jeremy Goldstein has dedicated his career helping people in business make decisions that will affect them positively. He uses his experience to help people achieve and maintain success in business.

Jeremy Goldstein has lots of experience and education to fuel the work that he does about advising people in business. He received his Juris Doctor from New York University. Before obtaining his Juris Doctor, he attended Cornell University and the University of Chicago to earn his bachelor and master’s degree.

Education along with basic communication skills has helped Goldstein obtain and maintain customers. He has realized the cases that he receives have a lot to do with the cases he has handled in the past. Although no evidence is the same, he uses basic knowledge to help him achieve great results when working with his clients.

Goldstein’s law firm has held up because of his excellent people skills but he his operations outside of the office have also prospered because of the same thing. Goldstein’s most successful event has been the wine dinners that he has hosted in New York alongside Omar Khan and Jim Finkel.

The purpose of the wine dinner is to bring people together to receive donations for the Fountain House. While they accept donations, they also have a good time and enjoy their guest. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein:

The Fountain House is an organization that aims to help men and women who are affected by mental illness live healthy lives. Living with mental illness can be very hard, but they work to make sure that people suffering can care for themselves and do what they need to do to live useful lives from day to day.

Jeremy Goldstein was able to raise 56,000 for the Fountain House at his wine dinners. He had to host two wine dinners because the first one that he had gone over very well with the people that attended the event.

Jeff Herman Is A Known Lawyer


Jeff Herman is a lawyer that represents clients in cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation. He has used his experience and determination to win many cases for the victims of these crimes. Since he is very good at what he does, he is able to get compensation for the victims after he takes the case to court and wins it.  One of his successes in court was when Jeff Herman won a $100 Million Case for a client who was molested by a catholic archbishop. Herman has been identified for his distinctive techniques of cross-examining. He also coaches various organizations on how they can help victims of sexual abuse heal through.


The Lawyer, Jeff Herman

After Jeff Herman achieved his education, he worked in the law field gaining his experience. It did not take him long to find out that he was passionate about fighting for the victims of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation. Since he knows an extreme amount about these types of crimes and how they affect the victims, he is always in demand. He opened his own law firm called Herman Law in order to prosecute the perpetrators of these types of crimes.


The Consultation Phase With Jeff Herman Is Important

Making an appointment to speak with Jeff Herman is what a victim of these crimes will want to do. It is in this meeting that the price for his services will be discussed. This meeting is called a consultation, and it is free. A person should take notes when they are in the consultation phase, and they should keep it handy. Go To This Page for more information.


Jeff Herman In His Personal Life

Herman is also respected in his personal life. That is because of what he does for a living and the compassion that he feels and shows regularly for the people in his community.

People of both sexes can be the victims of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation crimes. They should make sure that they get a lawyer as soon as possible. This can make a huge difference for them, especially when they are able to talk about what happened. They should look up Jeff Herman’s law office and make an appointment as soon as they can. It can make a huge difference in their life when they win the case. They will be able to move past the event that occurred, and they will be able to have a better time in their life.