Enhanced Athlete And Their Mission To Create Them

Wyoming-based nutritional supplement supply company Enhanced Athlete won a recent lawsuit imposed by competing nutritional distribution company Nutrition Distribution. The United States Court of the Eastern District of California denied Nutrition Distribution’s claim that Enhanced Athlete was using false information in their product’s advertising markets and adversely impacting the sales quotas of Nutrition Distribution. Nutrition Distribution claims to be the leader in the industry and the alleged actions implemented by Enhanced Athlete and a host of other competing supply companies had hurt Nutrition Distribution’s operations. Enhanced Athlete would not submit to the intimidation and false threats by Nutrition Distribution, winning the case and setting the precedent for the many lawsuits that are still pending.


Enhanced Athlete’s defense was that Nutrition Distribution has roughly seventy pending lawsuits against other distribution companies all alleging the same claim. Most of these lawsuits are characterized as shake-down lawsuits, where Nutrition Distribution is seeking settlement money in exchange for not bringing the matter to court, which would cost the defending company a sizable amount of monetary investment for a strong legal defense. Enhanced Athlete would not submit to Nutrition Distribution’s smear campaign, hiring Michael Adams of Rutan & Tucker, LLP to handle the litigation. Adams would later confirm that the court found that no connection of false advertising of said products resulted in any loss of monetary funds to Nutrition Distribution.


Other areas in the industry that Enhanced Athlete has a vested interest in is a system called Enhanced Coaching. This program offers the customer with a personalized wellness plan from professional trainers and associated personnel. Monthly subscriptions, along with a one-time payment plans provide the clientele with personalized workout plans, advice on dietary components, and direct contact with the professional trainer for routine Q&A sessions. Enhanced Coaching’s goal is to bring the expertise and knowledge of the industry’s top professionals to every day individuals who are not completely satisfied with the results from their fitness regiment.


Enhanced Athlete also has products for sale under their subsidiary faction Enhanced Gear. This aspect of the Enhanced Athlete brand offers the latest in gear and accessories for the serious individual looking to get the most out of their workout. Shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, are the most common items available for purchase along with water bottles, bags to carry gear, and hats. Even smaller items such as necklaces, key chains, and lanyards are also available. Enhanced Athlete’s approach to provide their clients with everything they will ever need to achieve the results they desire is what keeps the company among the best in the industry today.