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Master Yi Build GuideMaster-Lifesteal:.

31/01/2018 · over 4000 true damage per second with the reworked master yi, rageblade, and lethal tempo! unbelievably maximum attack speed master yi!. this rework master yi build is busted! 4000 true damage per second build! 04/09/2013 · Yi is my primary adc. However, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to build him. It seems that there are two different extremes I can go in. I can build a 100% crit build 2 PD's, infinity edge, youmuu's with high attack speed or, on the other hand, a high AD with lifesteal Botr, ravenous hydra, bloodthirster, etc.

18/12/2017 · Like it, and Subscribe if you want more. Wait me in another gameplay tomorrow ! QUINN JUNGLE IS LEGENDARY WITH DARK HARVEST WTF IS THIS DAMAGE. 18/03/2010 · Master Yi is pretty easy to build. Go with DPS, that means some attack speed, some attack damage, some critical chance. You will probably want to use a Infinity's Edge for two reasons, one it's a cost efficient way of increasing DPS if you have enough critical chance, two focusing on criticals gives you burst damage which is nice for ganking. 09/01/2011 · Also a "tank" Master Yi does not function as a tank. Merely a very, very, very tough dpser. Yi's ultimate enables him to pull off his this build like no other champion can. I only use my W for a quick heal after a fight, then proceed to push towers.

15/06/2010 · Master Yi is both quick and bad at entering a team fight from the front in most cases alpha strike CAN remove that disadvantage so if you enter from the side and start hacking on the squishies you should be able to maintain a lot of hp whilst the rest of your team fights at the front. 24/05/2011 · I had a question about Master Yi, who I am thinking of impulse buying. It seems to me that many people recommend building things like Infinity Edge / Phantom Dancer on him. But why this puzzles me is that Yi has no skills that enhance crit chance, scale with it, procure it, etc. So why wouldn't it be viable to build a Yi that doesn't focus on crit? 28/01/2010 · Total Item Build Cost: 15650g Why These Items: The basic idea I follow with Master Yi is LifestealAttack SpeedCrit %Damage = win. Things like extra effects or movement speed are awesome as well, but these are the 4 cornerstones of my Master Yi build. I start the game off with Doran s Blade and a health pot for laning/survivability.

Nou BUILD pentru Master Yi ! Full Lifesteal

27/07/2019 · I don't JUNGLE and I don't play Master Yi - AutoFillChallenge! Thanks For Watching! LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & click the bell symbol to get notificat. 11/11/2010 · Looks like Pendragon/Lifesteal Jungle Yi - It is alright, build, but I'm not a fan as it only helps with early game ganking. Later on, life steal isn't going to help you enough assuming the other team is trying to focus you like they should be.

A build revived from Dark Arts of Master Yi for S8: Lifesteal Yi submitted 1 year ago by NicknameMy So, everyone who was around in season 1 and 2 and played Master Yi will remember the good old Dark Arts of Master Yi by Jimmix too bad Leaguecraft is down. 18/11/2013 · Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out with my jungle Master Yi build. For the record, I am using AD and Lifesteal for my runes and 21/9/0 masteries. 29/05/2011 · You're master yi, with ghostbladeHighlander you have more attack speed, for literally half the cost. My build for Master Yi usually goes: Dorans ring this helps you not go out of mana in lane and boosts your meditate substantially Dorans ring yes, two. They're good items. Life steal LS is a stat that restores health to the attacker on all basic attacks, including effects or abilities that modify the basic attack such as Nasus' Siphoning Strike or Spellblade. On-hit effects do not apply life steal. Life steal is calculated from the effective damage done by the. 10/05/2014 · Build Master Yi. 1 2. Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it. poi puoi fare qualcosa col lifesteal, o magari se è il caso di avere un pò di magc res lo spadone che da lo scudo, insomma i nomi degli oggetti continuo a non ricordarli, vedi a seconda della situazione, ma fondamentalmente AD e critici, e l'attack speed non.

27/07/2011 · Master yi, what's the best build for him? 1 2. Comment below rating threshold,. My Lifesteal Build on Yidont have a good laning build for him as i never did lane,or very rarely did so. there is an attack speed cap at 2,5 hits per second even for master yi in his ulti. Knowing when to build life steal on Yi, and which item to get - a short guide. So recently, I've seen a lot of Master Yi's focus on getting bruiser items which is completely viable, but then against certain teams they just get poked out completely - and with no lifesteal it means that they can't sustain themselves back up in order to fight again, and are forced to back. Just a quick thought. Has anyone tried a full lifesteal build in ranked? Plat if poss xD. 11/08/2014 · Kinda sounds like bragging xD plus anyone can play Master yi and get fed. he is a broken Champion. But build Damage on him after you get Life steal and attack speed. maybe some Health and damage and armor an dMR with Damage like the Hexsword drinker i think it is called for damage and a small shield when low health. 11/03/2011 · Since when did Yi care about anyone with slow? Stuns and snares? We got mercury treads, cleanse, quicksilver sash for that. You my friend, are obviously still talking about the low elo no offence newbie master yi players, who tends to rush these two if lucky 3- atk dmg items: Atk speed and lifesteal. Yi is squishy if you build him squishy.

Lifesteal build? Hi everyone I was just thinking about my first pentakill and that reminded me of the old build i always went on master yi. So i tried 8 matches today with that build and had a huge success with it. I feel like i survive more in teamfights compared to the crit build. So, from my research, I've seen a couple of Master Yi Builds that are very promising. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure one build could rule them all, they all seem roughly equivalent with different pros and cons.

09/06/2012 · Master Yi, The Master of Jungle Introduzione Questa guida è focalizzata su un Master Yi dps jungler. Premetto subito che Master Yi attualmente non è un personaggio capace di rendere molto in high elo, tuttavia è uno dei personaggi -imo- più divertenti da utlizzare, specie se. Here you build a stalkers bladeboots > bilgewater cutlass. The lifesteal and meditate helps you stay healthy in the jungle, and even more importantly, the double slows actually give you somewhat decent ganks. This lets Yi actually put some pressure on the enemy lanes, instead of simply afk farming. 15/06/2010 · Item build master YI. 1 2. Comment below rating threshold,. I may consider replacing atmas with warmogs for more hp because i find Master YI very fragile without hp items but, Atmas gives 45 armor. Mass lifesteal = you cannot be killed unless focussed. 0. Playing Master yi takes alot of communication with your teammates. The secret to winning games with Master yi is early game domination- it leads to late game domination. Anyways this is how i think Master yi should be played and I will be writing up another guide of how to solo Master yi in the near future.

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