Legal Expert Sujit Choudhry Talks About Presidential Pardons

In a recent post, Sujit Choudhry discussed how the President of the United States is looking to use his power to pardon himself. Sujit Choudhry stated that President Donald Trump is very certain that he has the ability to give himself a pardon if necessary. While he has looked to pardon himself, Trump claims that he has not done anything illegal and therefore believes that pardoning himself won’t be necessary. When assessing the situation, Sujit Choudhry said that Trump is accurate in his statement that he is able to pardon himself to an extent, know more on ( However, there has been little evidence that the President has indeed pardoned himself throughout history.

When talking about whether or not the President can pardon himself, Sujit Choudhry referred to one of the provisions of the United States constitution, see ( In Article II, Section 2, it says that “the President shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States except in cases of impeachment.” So this means that the President can technically provide pardons unless there is an official impeachment by Congress. However, the provision neither clearly states that the President can actually pardon himself nor if he cannot. As a result, this issue is up for debate in terms of the extent of the President’s ability to issue his own pardon for any crimes committed, read more details on

Over the course of American history, there have been a couple of instances where the President has exercised his power to issue a pardon. Shortly after the Civil War, President Andrew Johnson pardoned a politician of the Confederacy. In another scenario, President Gerald Ford issued a pardon to Richard Nixon. However, former President Nixon was never officially charged with committing any crimes. Instead he resigned from office. When Ford gave him the pardon, it was known as a preemptive pardon, click

Sujit Choudhry had discussed this issue in depth due to President Trump’s recent pardons of convicted criminals and his response to criticism from the media. Choudhry is a renowned legal expert who has spent his time assisting governments and educational institutions. He has also participated on a number of panels to discuss democracy in foreign nations. Over the years, Sujit Choudhry has served as a law professor prominent law schools in both the United States and Canada. Sujit Choudhry has also helped nations write a new constitution in order to help make them more democratic.


A Successful Springtime Link-up of OSI Group Subsidiary, International Food Groups, (Australia) with Turi Food Groups will Strategically Enhance the Scope as well as the Product and Service Capabilities of the Newly Instituted Turosi Pty Ltd

In May of 2018, the, Illinois-based meat processing giant, OSI Group subsidiary, OSI International Food Groups, (Australia) instituted a merger with Turi Food Groups, a sizable Victoria-based chicken processing company, for the mutual benefit of both meat-related industries. The companies already share a similar mission and world-view. OSI International Food Groups has the instilled benefit of a family-based culture it derived through its parent company, OSI Group, a benefit it shares with Turi Food Groups. Besides their resemblance culture-wise, the two entities are renowned, highly reputable, long-time providers of superior protein content, with operations that distribute edibles to retail venues, such as quick-service restaurants, convenience stores and other food market operations.

Currently, OSI International Food Groups’ outreach extends further than that of Turi Food Groups, as it includes many Asian-Pacific outlets. With the combined muscle of the newly formed merger, however, the alliance of the two companies, henceforth to be known as Turosi Pty Ltd., will have a broader International scope and an enhanced ability to offer a wider array of quality foodstuffs and services to its clients. Sam Cuturi, the chairman of Turi Foods, expressed his excitement over the highly compatible company pairing, noting the already existing similarity in culture and a belief that “shared ownership will enable the organization… to build a world-class food solutions group.”

David G. McDonald, President and COO of OSI Group LLC, the parent company of OSI International Foods (Australia,) concurred with Cuturi, expressing his belief that “OSI Group and Turi (Foods) have built a strong reputation with the customers each company serves.” Empowered by Turi Food Groups, Leading Australian business adviser, Grant Thornton, was strategically available to oversee every stage of the successful link-up with the OSI Group subsidiary, OSI International Food Groups (Australia.) Even with their joint auspices combined the two operations will continue to hold the individual reins of their current facilities. Various processing plants and farming operations throughout the Victoria region will continue to hold their present strategic courses.

Vice President and CEO of AIA Robert Ivy — the Recent Honoree of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Vice President and CEO of AIA Robert Ivy — the Recent Honoree of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Since June 2018, Robert Ivy is the architect industry’s first-time success of the reputable Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The Mississippi Institute for Arts and Letters (MIAL) presented Columbus’s native Robert Ivy and comrade-Mississippian Andrew Young the award. It’s not surprising Robert Ivy has set up architecture all over Mississippi and worldwide.

For several years, MIAL has given the Polk Award to Mississippians, writer Shelby Foote, actor Morgan Freeman and many others. Therefore, it is proper for Mr. Ivy to be added to the list of recipients. Robert has practiced architect over the years; he is CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) from 2011. Before Robert’s leading position at AIA, he was a former editor in chief for Architectural Record at McGraw-Hill. Read his article on zdnet to learn more.

As chief editor and author, Robert Ivy led Architectural Record to become a popular worldwide journal. Thus, the architecture commentator deserved the Polk Award. Under Ivy’s leadership, AIA has a huge global footprint, and many American architects are practicing in many of the institute’s global chapters. New AIA chapters in Canada and China are taking part in the organization.

More of Ivy’s authoritative skill includes Fay Jones, which is now in its third version, after being released in 2001.

Further, Robert Ivy went to the University of the South where he received a Bachelor of Arts in English. He gained his Master of Architecture academic degree from Tulane University.

Robert’s newest passion is to train architects for their responsibility in treating today’s important issues, which is renew-ability, climate change, and the effect of architecture for the public health’s benefit. Ivy’s aim is to fulfill this by innovating the AIA resources. For instance, Robert’s signature achievements consist of reorganizing the AIA organization by manufacturing a modern digital-first technology base.

Finally, this task was an award-winning and national awareness effort — which increased decision-making.




William Saito Explains The Importance Of Internet Security

It may not be commonly known that the internet has been around for about 45 years. It only just became more publicly available about 15 years ago. The internet began as a method for scientists and scholars to send messages to each other before it became a common commodity in most people’s lives. The internet seems to pretty much be integrated into the lives of the majority of the population because of its benefits. Author William Saito believes that the reason for the mass spread of availability of the internet is not due to faster speeds or the creation of the World Wide Web, but because of a development that is not seen by most: security.


William Saito goes on to explain how security is vital when using the internet. The reasons are because it information security allows us to maintain privacy, integrity, availability, and authentication. Without the security of information, all business communication and transactions stop. Not only that, but a great majority of personal lives would also be disrupted. The author also points out that soon there might be more household appliances online than computers. His concern is that the security of new technology is not being implemented into the design from the ground up. For William, security should be a priority.


William Saito is recognized as one of the top 100 most influential people for Japan. He was born in California and learned software programming in elementary. He eventually started his own company while still in high school. William Saito was named entrepreneur of the year in 1998 by USA Today, NASDAQ, and Ernst & Young, and was recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on encryption, biometric authentication, and cyber security. He sold his business to Microsoft and then moved to Tokyo in 2005. That’s when he founded another company called InTecur.

William Saito wrote a book titled “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures Of An Incurable Entrepreneur”. It is the story about him as a child prodigy and his remarkable entrepreneurial accomplishments. The book tells a story of how he was a self-taught genius that became a savvy, serial business success story.

The IDB in Argentina, reporter Felipe Montoro Jens

This year the Inter-American Development Bank meeting was held on March 24th in Argentina in Mendoza. Felipe Montoro Jens was the reporter attending the meeting. Mr. Montoro Jens is a professional reporter and businesses man who specializes in infrastructure projects, their implementation and the current state of these projects throughout the region. Felipe reported on the IDB meeting this year and what was the results obtained from this year’s meeting. Many influential and powerful players attended the meeting and took this opportunity to share their experiences and hurdles they face in their respective regions. Mr. Garrido who is currently the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support was there to listen and give feedback on how the plans to improve the economy would be implemented. Visit their website to learn more.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Mr. Garrido plans to prioritize the economic needs of Brazil. Mr. Garrido said during the IDB, due to Brazil’s both large and dynamic economy it will get the initial investments, reported Felipe. The Minister of Planning, Development, and Management, Dyogo Oliveira was in attendance as well as the IDB. Both Dyogo Oliveira and Luis Caputo, who is the minister of finance and chairman of the Board of Directors of Argentina stressed the need for more financial investments to help spark more involvement from the private sector business owners. The problem, both Luis, and Dyogo pointed out during the meeting is the need for more investments and commitments from the private sector.

Luis Alberto Moreno who is the president of the Inter-American Development Bank also made his voice be heard during the IDB. According to Felipe, Mr. Luis Alberto there is a need for much more investment funding to improve roads that connect the different countries in South America. Luis Alberto pointed to the improved roads would help create an environment that supports business development that all countries that makeup South America would ultimately benefit from.



Madison Street Capital partnership with Napoleon Machine

Napoleon is a company that was founded in 2010 as a certified provider of manufacturing services which includes painting, precision manufacturing, customizable metal fabricating, secondary services, and light assembly. Since Napoleon was acquiring a credit facility, it appointed Madison Street Capital as its exclusive financial partner.


The company plans to utilize the credit facility to provide access to operating capital to enable Napolean to grow its capacity of manufacturing to meet the demands of the clients and to accelerate the growth curve of the company in the years to come.


The reason as to why Madison Street Capital team was selected as the financial advisor was because it began to listen to the story and it effectively communicated the opportunity merits to the market. When you talk to the President of Napolean Machine, Mr Kevin Febrey, you will understand how crucial this contribution was in completing the transaction.


Madison understood the nature of the industry’s need to have a high capital base to provide creative solutions to give an opportunity to the company to access four times the working capital that is required to fuel the growth. But other financial providers were not bringing this level of expertise and support to the table.


About Napoleon Machine


The company Napoleon Machine is a manufacturer of high-quality products to satisfy the specifications of the customer for parts that starts from 2,000 to 60,000 pounds. The high value-added manufacture is a provider of manufacturing services that include precision machining, light assembly, customizable metal fabricating and other services.


Napoleon Machine’s clientèle base includes customers from aerospace, automotive, construction, chemicals, agriculture, glass making, military and defense, nuclear power generation, transportation, semiconductor, robotics, maritime, and metals & mining.


Some of the products that Napoleon Machine manufactures include machine bases, gearboxes, centrifuge frames, skids, hoppers, heat exchangers, conveyors, oil pump frame, and bridges. Napoleon is also a contender in the production of advanced engineering products like missile-launching tooling.


About Madison Street Capital


The international investment firm Madison Street Capital is a driver of building businesses across the United States. Madison Street Capital is dedicated to providing its clients with exceptional services, and it also prides itself on supporting philanthropic initiatives and organizations like the United Way. The Goal of Madison is to make a difference both in local and in communities around the world.


The staff working at Madison Street Capital are well versed with knowledge and experience in the investment field, and this is what makes Madison Street Capital a global provider of investment services. You can get more details about Madison Street Capital from

Todd Lubar  Speculating Growth in the Real Estate Market of Baltimore in 2018

If you are looking for an inspiration to get started in the world of real estate business, then look no further as Todd Lubar is the perfect man to idolize in the field of real estate investment and development. The success story of Todd Lubar has been awe-inspiring, to say the least, and today he lives the dream of helping other people realize their dream of generating high returns through their real estate investments or owning their own home. Todd Lubar started his career from the elementary level in the real estate and mortgage banking world that helped him understand all the intricacies of the real estate business. It also helped him develop a vast network with the banking officials, real estate agents, CPAs, government officials, real estate lawyers, and more.


Todd Lubar worked as a loan originator for a long time with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he learned a lot about mortgage banking and what are the changes that the people can do with their finance to easily avail the mortgage loan they are looking for. Todd said that people make some common and silly mistakes with managing their investment that can lead to them not getting the loan they need. Currently, Todd Lubar is involved with many real estate and financing companies, including being the President at the TDL Ventures, Senior Vice President at Charter Funding, and heading the Legendary Investments and Legendary Properties LLC.


Todd Lubar says that many people today are afraid of investing in the real estate market because they are uncertain of the returns, but he believes that it is one of the safest investment options today if one invests in the right place, right time, and of right amount. It is why he helps many of his clients find the right place and venue to invest their money in, where he is confident that the investments would reap considerable returns in the future. Todd Lubar has a considerably sized investment portfolio in the real estate scene himself.


Todd Lubar said that when it comes to investing in the real estate market of Baltimore, one should not hesitate to go by the media news. It is because the economy in the region has been booming and the youth population has been increasing at a rapid pace. Todd Lubar believes that these are the specific indicators that show that the real estate market in Baltimore would grow considerably shortly. As more and more young people settle in Baltimore, it gives the realtors in here the incentive to develop more properties and keep the price competitive for more investors and buyers to come in and invest. Todd Lubar says that the real estate market in Baltimore is primed for growth in 2018 and following years.



Whitney Wolfe Brings Everyone Together With Bumble

Founder of Bumble and co-founder Tinder, Whitney Wolfe stays very busy these days. She has been hard at work with dating app Bumble. Bumble is a dating app which gives women more control than other dating apps. For example, women are given the opportunity to make the first initial contact.

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Currently, the company is valued at over $1 billion. It is also available in 144 countries and has over 33 million registered users. Most of those users are in the 23-28 age range and have a gender split of 50/50.

With the success of Bumble comes recognition. Recently, Time Magazine named her “Person of the Year” for 2018. The magazine honored her in recognition of developing a dating app that was safe for women and assisted them in battling sexual harassment.

Whitney Wolfe has also utilized Bumble to take a stand in other political subjects as well. Wolfe has stated to no guns should be romanticized on Bumble. She doesn’t allow pictures of guns, knives, and other weapons be posted on the app.

A native of Salt Lake City, Whitney Wolfe majored in International Studies at Southern Methodist University. Her professional career got off to an early start as she started selling bamboo bags while in college to benefit areas that were hot by the BP oil spill. This led to the launch of “Help Us Project”, which gained national attention.

While vacationing in Aspen, she met Michael Herd. They were married in 2017 in Italy.

At 22, Whitney Wolfe joined Hatch Labs and eventually became vice president of marketing for Tinder. In late 2014, Wolfe left Tinder and filed a lawsuit against the company accusing her co-workers of sexual harassment. After the case was settled out of court, Wolfe founded Bumble.

Bumble has two spinoff apps. Bumble BFF focuses on making connections with friends while Bumble Bizz focuses on business connections.

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Alex Pall’s impact on the success of the Chain Smokers

Alex Pall is one of the most prominent people in the music industry. He is one of the Duo DJs in New York ‘The Chain Smokers’ He has an outgoing mind and that what has made him successful in his career. He joined The Chain Smokers just some few years back, and his performance and contribution in the band have been fantastic ever since. Before working AT Chain Smokers, he worked as a part time DJ in New York after which his manager introduced him to one of his friends who introduced him to The Chain Smokers Band.


He has been working with Andrew Taggart for a significant number of years and one thing that has made him be the person he is today is the ability to cooperate and share his ideas with his partner. In one of their interviews, he says that he knew right from the beginning that his partnership with Andrew Taggart would work and be successful because he knew that both of them had the same interest and they were both hard working and dedicated to their work. This teaches a great lesson that to be successful, you must have the ability to make choices on the people you relate and partner with because if someone is not a hard worker, he or she may act as a block to success and prevent you from attaining your goals.


The two partners are continuing to work harder to increase their identity in the music industry. One of the factors that they consider to strengthen their identity is the ability to work with the most successful music icons such as Halsey who they worked together to produce one o their song known as ‘ Closer.’ Alex Pall says that working with Halsey was one of his best experience and she is one of their most important role models who has contributed to their success in their industry.


Alex Pall also says that they write their songs using their life experiences and they also observe the new trends in the industry to make sure that their work is up to date and they capture the issues that affect people in the present world.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Madison Street Capital during a Merger

Madison Street Capital is unlike anything you have ever seen. The company, now thirteen years old, has hit national headlines including getting featured on all for the right reasons. Amazingly, the company that struggled in its formative years has grown to be one of the best advisors in the market, hence its robust reputation.



If you can recall, Madison Street Capital recently facilitated the coupling of The Spitfire Group and DCG Software, a move that has seen the two corporations forge an unbreakable union. Madison, an institution led by its longtime CEO, Charles Botchway, is to thank for the successful merger. Other individuals that were also instrumental to the merger are Jay Roger, Mark Richtermeyer, and Mike Harris, three of the world’s finest.



Mr. Jay is much deserving of our praise as he is the one who led his team towards brokering the deal. Indeed, excellent leadership always counts. Recall, Madison Street Capital has been in existence for the last decade. Its successes, apart from getting realized due to its excellent leaders, have come about because of the dedicated men and women who run the show in the company.



The company that knows how to hit all the right marks when it comes to mergers and acquisitions has thrived because of the effort it puts towards serving customers well. Madison Street Capital has since day one invested heavily in service delivery, with integrity, dedication, commitment, leadership, and excellence becoming the attributes that best define the institution.



Mind you, the corporation has had a significant boost in its operations in the recent past because of the investments it has made towards perfecting its technology. To say the least, Madison Street Capital is a titan because of its own doing.



The Chicago-based company, thanks to its growth, now offers consumers superb solutions ranging from capital, venture capital services, corporate tax planning services, investment banks, advisory, business valuation services, private equity, and mergers and acquisition services. In short, Madison Street Capital is a one-stop shop for everything you may desire.



Madison, being a corporation that dedicates only the best to its clients employs professionals who are highly qualified in their line of work. The institution’s vetting process is something out of this earth as all potential candidates have to prove their worth to an interviewing panel. In a nutshell, you can never go wrong with Madison Street Capital.



In summation, Madison Street Capital, an organization that has always been the next big thing will continue to grow, beating its competitors because of all the innovation that goes on in the company. DCG Software and The Spitfire Group are happy to have brought Madison Street Capital into the mix as they both have a bright future ahead of them now that they are a unit.


Visit to learn more.