Vinod Gupta, The Yellow Pages Guru


Vinod Gupta is a native from Rampur Manhyaran India a village that would be considered by many as third world being that it lacks running water, electricity, roads, or toilets. Gupta is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and holds a title of Agricultural Engineer and a Masters of Business administration.

Upon graduation Vinod Gupta received work at Commodore Corporation, a nationally renowned company located in Omaha Nebraska that boasts having 18 mobile home manufacturing plants throughout the United States.

During his time at Commodore and with only $100 in his pocket Gupta obtained all 4800 Yellow Pages telephone directory books from across the country in efforts to create an up-to-date list of every mobile home dealer in the United States.

Shocked by the abundance of phone books in the office Commodore management gave Gupta an ultimatum to either abolish all the Yellow Pages from the office or termination would be imposed.

When Gupta finished the list he requested a sum of $9000 from Commodore for it, or for the list to be sold independently by him to Commodore’s competitors at a selected cost per list. When faced with this decision Commodore officials chose not to exclusively purchase Gupta’s list. Read This Article to learn more.

Using his $100 Gupta marketed his list via mailers to ever mobile home manufacturing company on his list, Gupta received immediate orders for it as high as $22,000.

With his new found income Gupta founded American Business Lists, a company dedicated to acquiring information dependent on information found in Yellow Pages across the country. Soon after the acquisition of several related companies, American Business Lists became infoUSA and its focus became providing business information through its database.

Since Gupta’s initial $100 investment Gupta has raised over $3 million towards charitable business organizations in India which focus on education, Gupta values education, and attributes his success to it. He is known to advocate to promoting the value of education, especially Women’s Education.

Gupta has since received several prestigious awards and currently serves on various civic and educational boards.


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How CVC, Brazil Became The Leading Tour Operator In The Hands Of Guilherme Paulus

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens or CVC is the leading tour operator in Brazil. Since its inception in 1972, it expanded as the fastest-growing tour operator co-founded by Guilherme Paulus. At the age of 24, he jumped into his first venture, CVC. Carlos Vincente Cerchiari was the other co-founder. He was an influential Brazilian politician who resigned from his post four years into the journey.

Guilherme Paulus led CVC through its ups and downs while consistently maintaining a composed attitude towards unforeseen challenges. Eventually, it became the leading tour operator in the market. Years later he sold the company for a whopping $750 million. Without wasting much time, he moved on to his next venture called GJP Hotels and Resorts founded in the year 2005. Currently, the hotel line is managing 15 hotels with aggressive plans to build more hotels near the airport. He is the current Chairman of the hotel line. With over five decades of experience in the tourism industry, he realized that his ability to provide contemporary packages in the early days of CVC was the reason for its success. CVC generates an annual revenue of a staggering $5.2billion. Read more at to learn  more about Guiherme Paulus

With his brilliant entrepreneurship skills, he took a risk and acquired the then dying airliner called Webjet. Later, in 2011 it was named as the 3rd largest airline in the country. Early in his career when he was only 20, the did an internship with IBM where he exhibited a deep understanding of entrepreneurship skills. He believes in giving back to the society and is an active philanthropist. Guilherme Paulus has provided financial and logistic assistance to various charity organizations, for example, he made huge donations to. the PIET Project. This project focuses on educating young people from low-income families and gives them an opportunity to work in the tourism industry.

Guilherme Paulus spent $600 million of his money to build hotels over Brazil. This resulted in the hiring of more people and thus they ended up providing a job to nearly 2000 individuals. CVC has made an impact on the tour operator industry. They share partnerships with airlines, tourism, and hotels.




The history of Neurocore

Considered one of the most resilient structures in the body, the human brain plays a huge role in our day to day lives. The brain is responsible for almost all the activities of the body. It controls thoughts, feelings and even the normal functioning of our bodies. Looking keenly into the human brain, one fails to understand how the coordination and functionality of this fantastic and most important organ operates. Research has shown that the mind is made up of tiny microscopic organs known as neurons. Neurons work by passing an electric signal from one part of the brain to the other. It is this understanding that institutions such as Neurocore are using to make human beings better and faster at what they do.

Neurocore is a brains performance center in the center with the mission of strengthening the natural ability of the brain by making it stronger. Their primary approach to training the brain is scientifically based on the latest trends in the brain mapping, and neuroimaging is employed widely. Using real-time brain monitoring, the centers play a huge role in controlling anxiety, focus, migraines, and depression as well. This helps in not only making the patient’s mind stronger but also enhances the human mind relation.

Since the years of inception, Neurocore has made significant strides when it comes to neuroscience and its various applications. Currently, the rears they serve are Florida and Michigan, and in total, the venture has eight facilities in operation. All the centers can be accessed by the public whenever they want to use them. To further diversify their customer base, the centers now use neurofeedback to train the athletes. A good example is a partnership between Neuropore and Portland Trail Blazers.

The association brought about the inception of a brain room to be used during training sessions. The know-how in the brain room not only enhances training but also leads to relaxation, improves the overall performance of the brain and their state of the art equipment is capable of monitoring respiratory systems and cardiovascular by showing the level of stress in the body.

Jeffrey Aronin supporting biotechnology research

Jeffrey Aronin is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is currently the CEO of Paragon Sciences, a company that offers incubation services for people who suffer from rare medical conditions which have no known therapies. Paragon Sciences also serves as an investment firm. The company is utilizing advanced research methods to come up with new therapies and medications which help addresses medical conditions which are yet to have a solution. The company is dedicated to finding new treatment methods that have not even been thought about in the modern field of medicine. What they are thinking about is bringing totally new ideas in the market. Although progress has been made in the field of biotechnology, Jeffery Aronin is thinking of doing something far much better than what we already have. He recognizes that the possibilities of this technology are many and it can only be wise if the very best are discovered.


Jeffery Aronin is natural a great thinker and someone who is able to come up with solutions that go beyond what many people can do. It is for such reasons that he is leading research work that is intended to come up with new treatments for conditions which are rare and which are normally a big problem for the medical industry.


Paragon Biosciences has connected with a network of other companies to try and come up with a new treatment. They have employed the best and passionate researchers who will do the research work and bring us to a whole different world of biotechnologies. The companies are responsible for the work that each does although they all operate under Paragon Biosciences. Each company takes up a challenge and assigns researchers who will try and create something that has never existed before.


Paragon Biosciences have already proved that they are serious about the biotechnology research through the work they have been doing so far. Already they have 14 innovative medicines which have been approved by FDA.


Jeffery Aronin is not satisfied with just getting FDA approval; he wants to go an extra mile and support researchers financially. It is hard to think that there can be research for new inventions without funds. It is for this reason why Paragon Biosciences is not only dealing with research alone but investments as well.


Jeff Herman Is A Known Lawyer


Jeff Herman is a lawyer that represents clients in cases of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation. He has used his experience and determination to win many cases for the victims of these crimes. Since he is very good at what he does, he is able to get compensation for the victims after he takes the case to court and wins it.  One of his successes in court was when Jeff Herman won a $100 Million Case for a client who was molested by a catholic archbishop. Herman has been identified for his distinctive techniques of cross-examining. He also coaches various organizations on how they can help victims of sexual abuse heal through.


The Lawyer, Jeff Herman

After Jeff Herman achieved his education, he worked in the law field gaining his experience. It did not take him long to find out that he was passionate about fighting for the victims of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation. Since he knows an extreme amount about these types of crimes and how they affect the victims, he is always in demand. He opened his own law firm called Herman Law in order to prosecute the perpetrators of these types of crimes.


The Consultation Phase With Jeff Herman Is Important

Making an appointment to speak with Jeff Herman is what a victim of these crimes will want to do. It is in this meeting that the price for his services will be discussed. This meeting is called a consultation, and it is free. A person should take notes when they are in the consultation phase, and they should keep it handy. Go To This Page for more information.


Jeff Herman In His Personal Life

Herman is also respected in his personal life. That is because of what he does for a living and the compassion that he feels and shows regularly for the people in his community.

People of both sexes can be the victims of rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation crimes. They should make sure that they get a lawyer as soon as possible. This can make a huge difference for them, especially when they are able to talk about what happened. They should look up Jeff Herman’s law office and make an appointment as soon as they can. It can make a huge difference in their life when they win the case. They will be able to move past the event that occurred, and they will be able to have a better time in their life.





Marc Beer Recap

Marc Beer is the co-founder of Renovia Inc. A start up company that specializes in medical technology. Specifically, medical products designed for women who are suffering from injuries or disorders to their pelvic floor at the moment. Renovia Inc is based out of Boston, Massachusetts and is currently developing four different pieces of technology that pertain to women’s pelvic floor issues.


The first product that Renovia Inc developed anD gained FDA approval for was Leva. A product that specifically alleviates urinary incontinence in women. The product was approved last year.


One of the company’s first investors was The Longwood Fund. An investor that is continuing to support Renovia Inc. The company plans to test up to five more products with the funding that it’s receiving and also releasing a second generation of Leva.


When asked about his feelings on the company’s current state, Marc Beer had positive remarks. He stated that he was not only comfortable, but happy to be working with such prominent investors in the medical world. He finds pride in his company’s work to help women. With millions of women afflicted with pelvic floor disorders, he sees his work as valuable and making a difference.


Marc and his company have been quiet about the exact nature of their products in development, but the company’s main focus is on helping women with pelvic floor issues. So, that’s good a place to start guessing.


Marc Beer has over a quarter of a century worth of experience in the development of medical technology. He co-founded Renovia Inc alongside Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie in the summer of 2016.


Besides his achievements with Renovia Inc, Marc Beer also founded ViaCell. A company with more than three hundred employees and specialized in the acquisition of stem cells from umbilical cords. The company was extremely successful, but Marc Beer left his position there in 2007 when it was acquired by PerkinElmer.


Marc worked his way up to being the founder and co-founder of multiple companies from the bottom. He received his education at Miami University and Oxford. His first roles were in marketing and sales. From there, he eventually became the Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme. This was all prior to creating his own company in 2000. Learn more :

Robert Ivy Is Making The Headlines

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He is a man who loves building and helping the community. In fact, in addition to being an institute, the American Institute for Architects is also a corporation thanks to Robert. Robert has students signed on as chief architects of some of the largest constructions being built in America. Robert has also helped architecture become an actual art. This began in Mississippi and traveled through the rest of America and even the world in no time. Due to Robert’s influence, just about every major university now offers architectures as an art form class. Additionally, Robert helps students get the proper funds to attend the American Institute of Architects.

Robert Ivy has made such an impact in the world of architecture that he is this year’s recipient of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is handed out on an annual basis to a person that helps architecture become a true art in the community. This award is distributed by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letter. Though they had dozens of candidates, Robert Ivy was the candidate that stood out the most. This is especially true since he also helps non-profit organizations raise money while promoting architecture along the way. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

Though he has accomplished so much already, Robert Ivy has plans to do so much more the American Institute of Architects and for the students who attend there. Robert is currently working with several different states to set up projects for the next 10 years. Robert has plans to send students to various states to be lead architects on various projects. Robert is also an author, and he is working on a book that details how he became successful and transformed architecture in America. He is aiming to get more people to fight for architecture to be seen as an art.

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Meet the Man Behind Fortress Investment Group’s Success–Peter Briger

Peter Briger works as the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, where he also serves as the co-chair of the board of directors. He has been at the company’s top leadership since 2006 when he started as the board member and later went on to be the co-chairman in 2009. He is in the company’s operation, taking charge of its credit and also real estate vocations. When the institution came into existence, it started as a privately owned financial company in 1988. It is currently a trendsetter of the global investment, taking the corporate world to the next level. The company guides 1750 entrepreneurs with 43 billion dollars’ assets in the investment institution, hedge fund, and capital vehicle.

His Educational Background, Career, and Experience

Peter Briger attended the University of Princeton where he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree. He later got his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pennsylvania University School of Business. Before he joined Fortress Investment Group, Briger started his career at Goldman Sachs, where he worked for 15 years. During his tenure, he served at various positions including Executive Committee of Japan membership, Global Control, not to forget Asian Management. He was also in real estate, trading and loans, and arrear vehicles managements cumulatively.

The infinite profession and experience that he achieved from Goldman Sachs proved his qualifications to join Fortress Investment Group starting from 2002 to date, and he ranked for helping the company become one of the biggest investment corporations across the United States of America. Currently, the firm manages assets ranging from 65 billion dollars, thanks to the tireless efforts and competence of Peter Briger.

His Philanthropies and the Spirit of Giving Back

Peter Briger has always been keen on the spirit of giving back to the less fortunate, which became vital to his activities. His selfless spirit has always steered him in the donations of money towards education support and programmes. He has made most of his philanthropic contribution even without disclosure of his identity. He also started an organization at Princeton with the aim of financing fresh graduates with entrepreneurial skills who want to advance their businesses. He is one of the active members who are in the Princeton University Investment Company which supports young investors. The exemplary leader is also a member of other non-profitable programmes that give support to communities with low income around San Francisco.

Talkspace Aiming To Make Therapy Accessible To One Billion People

Talkspace is an online and mobile company based in New York City, which focuses on connecting people with licensed therapist through the internet or mobile app. It was founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank, after the two went through couples therapy in order to save their marriage. As a result, Roni pursued a master’s degree in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The platform was initially designed for group therapy, but it evolved, currently offering online psychotherapy.

In early 2018, Talkspace announced a partnership with athlete Michael Phelps, in order to promote therapy as a tool to improve mental health. The partnership featured a national television campaign, Phelps talking about his personal experiences and encouraging people to talk about their mental health.

Phelps noted that he struggled with anxiety and depression at various times during his career and that it was difficult to get the help that he needed. He also mentioned that having access to a therapist, either by text, video or web, gave him a feeling of empowerment. His goal was to help people who may be dealing with similar mental health challenges that he experienced, and show them how help is much easier and much more affordable nowadays.

Also in 2018, Talkspace hired Neil Leibowitz, a chief medical officer who will start prescribing medication through the company’s app. Oren Frank brought Leibowitz on board in order to enable Talkspace’s psychiatrist to prescribe medicine through video. Leibowitz noted that he decided to join Talkspace after he got to know the team and the product.

The goal of Talkspace, according to Oren Frank, is to make psychotherapy affordable and accessible for one billion individual throughout the world. According to the team behind Talkspace, they do not aim to replace in-office therapy, but to make it available to individuals in order to overcome their daily challenges and benefit from therapy in an environment without stigma or judgment.

Oren Frank noted on Talkspace’s blog that therapy is not only about venting or digging through childhood memories, but is also about everyday strategies in order to manage stress and live a happier life.

Igor Cornelsen Is An Authority On Investing

Igor Cornelsen is an authority on investing. He has spent many years in the financial industry working with top companies and executives to make the best financial decisions for their situations. Igor has turned many of his clients on to the concept of investing in damaged stocks as opposed to damaged companies. Damaged companies have the potential to be a financial drain for the investor. They represent a number of problems that are often out of the realm of responsibility to those who are financially involved. However, damaged stock come very cheap and are guaranteed to make the investor money over the long run.

Igor Cornelsen fine-tuned his investing instincts in the banking industry. He was a member of Bainbridge Inc a held the number of high-ranking positions in this area. Igor retired to South Florida in 2010 and now continues to invest as a hobby.

There are countless ways to get involved with investing. It is important for an investor to study their investment vehicle very carefully. Risks are always involved with getting started in such an endeavor. Research must be done beforehand to study these possibilities. Investors have to make sure that they pay attention to stocks that are not turning a profit. Stocks that are losing money should be let go of immediately. There is no need to assign emotional value to a financial situation that is not making money.

Another way to avoid risk is to develop a diverse portfolio. A skilled investment advisor can help put together a diverse portfolio by mixing risky investments with a number of sound investments. A financial expert will come in handy in these situations. When new investors are comfortable with the operation they can begin to conduct such transactions on their own.

Igor Cornelsen is a firm believer in investing as soon as possible. Those who are new to the workforce should start putting their income in a position to earn revenue immediately.