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Z105 - Control Flo Roof Drain - Zurn.

Linear Trench Drain. Lean construction is about doing more with less. Our goal is to save you time, money, and resources on the job. We engineer our systems to. Zurn manufactures a complete line of commercial floor drains that are easy to install and durable. Zurn manufactures a complete line of roof drains including combination-primary overflow, control flow, dual outlet, siphonic, retrofit and more. How can we connect between a trench drain and basin that are side-by-side? There are two viable connection methods: 1. A bottom outlet can be used on the trench, piping over to the basin with standard pipe fittings. 2. We can fabricate a side outlet at the end of the last channel on the trench drain. Please contact Zurn Engineering for more. Zurn Z882 12 [305 mm] wide pre-sloped trench drainage system. High density polyethylene structural composite drain channel with 1.04% 1/8 [3.18 mm] per foot bottom slope. All sections are modular 8-foot [2.45 M] lengths with interlocking ends and radiused bottom. Complete with heavy-duty Dura-Coated steel frame w/ anchor studs at surface.

Z806 channels come in 10’ sections with standard frame assemblies. Each 6” wide OD modular channel features a.75 percent uniform slope for faster water flow and less debris buildup. Faster Installation. Zurn’s Z806 Flo-Thru system locks together with tongue-and-groove mechanics, letting contractors install faster and with more accuracy. Zurn manufactures the Control Flo roof drain for dead level roof construction. Read the full list of features and benefits. Zurn water solutions include building drainage, finish plumbing, PEX, trench drainage, water control and water safety. Zurn’s Z806 Flo-Thru system locks together with tongue-and-groove mechanics, letting contractors install faster and with more accuracy. With an integral frame and tie straps every 20 inches, the Z806 grips the surrounding concrete for a longer lasting installation.

Zurn manufactures a complete line of Flo-Thru Drainage including Linear Trench Drains, Drainage Pits and Grates. See the full line. Zurn Flo-Thru pre-engineered modular trench drain systems are designed for ease of installation, load bearing strength, hydraulics, chemical resistance, and structural Integrity Sizes range from 2 inch wide to 12 inch wide. Replacement Grates are also available.

However, if you were to put an end outlet or bottom outlet on this channel to direct the flow to a specific sized pipe, the flow rates will decrease and be dictated by the flow capacity of this pipe. If you provide Zurn with the specific pipe size and depth of trench you are interested in, we can estimate the flow through that outlet. Zurn trench drain systems offer the durability and flexibility expected in commercial applications. Zurn’s line of fiberglass trench drains, plastic trench drains and stainless drains provide a. Zurn Z880 2 1/2" Wide Pool Drain By Item; Zurn Z884 4 3/4" Shallow By Item; Zurn Z883 Shallow Trench Drain By Item; Zurn Z874 Series Trench Drain System; Zurn Z800 Series Fiberglass Trench Drain System; Zurn Z888 Series Slotted Drainage System; Zurn Z700 Series Frame and Grate System; Zurn ZS880 SS Shower Drain By Item; Zurn Z882 Special Order. Trench Drain Systems is committed to providing quick solutions to all your surface water runoff problems. As we specialize in trench drainage systems, our professional staff can assess your project requirements and quickly offer you pricing and information on the product you need.

Zurn manufactures a complete line of Grates to be used with the Flo-Thru Drainage product line, available in P6 and P12 sizes. How much water can flow through a pipe GPM/GPH? We regularly get asked about the water flow capacity of different pipe sizes, and which is the best roof drain for a specific pipe size. Unfortunately, recommendations aren't that straightforward because you also need to account for water pressure, material friction and more. Request Quote Zurn trench drain systems offer the durability and flexibility expected in commercial applications. Zurn's line of fiberglass trench drains, plastic trench drains and stainless drains provide a drainage solution for every situation. Zurn Linear Drainage Systems Z886 Perma-Trench Installation Instructions Z886 Layout Upon completion of the excavation, the channel should be placed in numeric order alongside the excavation according to the job layout. Each trench section has a trench identifica­ tion number and flow direction indicating its sequence within the system.

If you are looking to find Zurn products quickly and easily, you’ve come to the right place. This Zurn G66628 Overflow Drain is a direct replacement product manufactured by Zurn. Order this Zurn G66628 today and you will have your Zurn project completed in no time at all. Z886 Accessories 6" [152mm] Wide Trench Drain System 2 Below are the components of the Z886 trench drain typical to an installation. Check your order to verify you have all components particular to your job before beginning your installation. Contact customer service at 877-ZURN-NOW should additional material be required. 19/01/2018 · The Zurn Z884 4.75″ wide system is designed for light traffic drainage systems with depth restrictions and a high water flow rate. The Z884 system’s smooth HDPE polypropylene structural composite drain channel with 3.0″[76mm] depth guarantees efficient drainage and weather resistance. 21/12/2011 · IconNews604's shared video file: Zurn Flo-Thru Trench Drain.

Complete Trench Drain Kits in Zurn Z886 6 inch wide. Modular Channel with Slope in Smooth HDPE. Variety of trench Drain Gratings available. Flo-Thru Trench Drain Systems industrial · civil · mechanicalLandscape. Strong and durable for the toughest job applications,Zurn trench drain systems work well in manufacturing and indus •Radiused Bottom– Better flow rate,less solids build-up. ZW209 - Pressure Reducing Valve. The Zurn Wilkins ZW209 Pressure Reducing Valve provides steady downstream pressure and allows high flow rates. Standard features ease maintenance and repair, and provide the lowest total cost of ownership. Zurn Drain Online Showroom, Shop our selection of Zurn Drains. Buy Zurn Drains with Free Shipping Offers and Save. Skip to main content 800 375-3403. Let one of our experts help guide you through your project with expert advice ranging from inspiration to installation. View Expert Profiles.

Zurn Z1732 Adjustable Floor Drain Zurn Z1732 All Type 304 stainless steel heavy-duty adjustable floor drain with integral anchor flange, adjustable top frame and deep flange grate with plain finish. Corrosion resistant. Four outlet type options available. Type 316 stainless steel body option available. Clamp collar with seepage holes option.

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